Josh Puppe

“Joshua Puppe is a 6th year Masters of Architecture student from Nebraska passionate about architecture, illustration, film, animation, and narrative design.  Upon graduation, he looks to combine these passions in order to construct new methods, ideas, and narratives which contribute to contemporary discourse surrounding design of the architecture, entertainment, technologies, and environments of our future.”


I see design (as well as life) as a constant succession of parading moments.  I’d sit with a pencil in hand, redrawing the lines in the coloring books we had at home.  I was much less interested in filling the existing lines with color.  Following highschool I decided to pursue architecture as it seemed it combined many of my interests and passions.  I’ve studied  architecture the past six years, while also diving into art, illustration, animation, and film. I have focused much of my time into the study of buildings and environments, learning the immense power behind narrative architecture and design.  Atmosphere, event, place, landscape, fragment, objects.  Capricci for chance encounters, for life, for love, for loss. Second year I was introduced to “the moment”, a framework by which a professor taught by, lived by, and designed by.  This type of thought led to film, montage, event, place, time, memory, event.  Foundations upon which history and fragment meet the present.

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